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Kitchen Before and After Water Damage Restoration Near Me In Affton, MO

Water Damage Affton MO | Emergency Water Damage Cleanup for Residential and Commercial Properties

Whether your water damage restoration needs are residential or commercial give us a call. Our water damage restoration contractors offer water damage repair, water removal, water cleanup, water damage inspection, water remediation and water extraction.

Leaky Pipe Water Damage Restoration near me in Affton, MO
Water Extraction

When pipes burst, a roof leaks or a seal breaks, it can cause a lot of damage. When a mess sneaks up emergency water extraction and cleanup service must for home and business owners. In fact our contractors tackle the core of the problem, eliminating further sources of damage, mold removal problems and invading water issues.

Water Cleanup

Fast water cleanup is crucial for a home or business when excess water is detected. In fact, finding the cause of water damage and addressing the issue is half the battle, the other half is mitigating the damages. Due to the unique nature of water, the damage cost can range from low to high.

Water Remediation

On the whole we tackle the core of the problem, eliminating further sources of damage, mold removal problems and invading water issues. As a matter of fact our company specializes in water remediation for wall, carpet, tile, and hard wood flooring. In addition, we provide air duct cleaning, upholstery, and furniture cleaning as well.

Water Removal

Have you found yourself with an urgent need to remove water? To successfully remove all of the water the first thing you need to do is find the source of water. If you can turn off the source then that should come next. If that fails and you cannot find the source of the water then call your local plumber and let them know about the emergency.

Structural Drying

Generally speaking when you need dependable and affordable dry out services, you need the company that local business and homeowners trust. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, residents can encounter various types of water damage including burst or backed up pipes. Not to mention we treat carpets to completely remove all fresh water and prevent further damage or contamination.

Dehumidifier Repair

Altogether our emergency flood and water extraction response vehicles are fully equipped with dehumidification units, fans, extractors, and safety equipment. Furthermore we provide 24 hour water removal service and work quickly to dry out the walls and the carpet.

24 Hour Water Damage Restoration

By the same token we have offer quick, accurate estimates and service to remove water or sewage and protect your home from water damage, mold and mildew and other water-related issues any time a day. In a word we offer a wide variety of services to assist both the residential water damage and commercial water damage customers in cleaning up property that has sustained water damage 24 hours a day.



Smoke and Fire Damage Repair | Odor Removal

For the most part fire restoration services are something that you would never anticipate. Whether they are caused by appliance overuse, home heating systems, faulty wiring or children playing, it only takes a few  sparks to start a fire. Given these points our fire repair services include smoke damage restoration, odor removal, and emergency fire restoration.

Fire Repair near me in Affton, MO
Fire Repair

Even a small and contained fire in your residential or commercial property can have devastating effects on your ability to function. Fire and smoke alone cause both superficial and structural damage causing extended downtime to your business and extended stays in hotels or the houses of friends and family.

Smoke Restoration

After a fire is extinguished, soot and water can further damage your property. We understand the severity of a property fire and will work with you throughout the smoke restoration process until your property is returned to its original condition.

Our knowledge of soot removal and deodorizing characteristics of most surfaces, materials and coverings, allows us to quickly determine the services needed for an efficient mitigation process in most situations. This is important because if not properly addressed, structures and items can be at risk for further damage.

Odor Removal

Serious odor problems from smoke, mold, mildew, bacteria, rotten food, and pet waste to name a few, can be a challenge to eradicate in humid climates. So after the smoker has left the building, the building smelling of mold and mildew has been dried, and the pet waste or rotten food has been removed, it’s time for odor elimination specialist to finish the job, destroy the odors, and revert back to pure Oxygen.


Flood Restoration and Water Extraction | Basement, Attic, Kitchen, Carpet Water Removal Services in Affton MO

Whether you’ve discovered flooding from a broken or leaky pipe, damage from frozen pipes, a sewer line break, a sink or toilet overflow, basement damage, warped hardwood floors, or a malfunctioning appliance like a water heater, washing machine, dishwasher or refrigerator in your home, our professional team can remove any damaged materials. No matter how big your flood damage may be, we have an effective option for you.

Flood Restoration near me in Affton, MO

Flooded Basement Cleanup

Generally speaking basements are one of the most common places to need a flood cleanup contractor. In essence your basement contains three potential sources for flooding: pipes, a hot water tank and sump pump. If anyone of these is damaged or breaks, a basement can flood. By the same token other potential causes for basement flooding include a sewage backup and grading around your property.

Water Damage

Ever been to a home or business and immediately notice an awkward smell that everyone else seems to have gone nose blind to. More than likely that smell is due to water damage. Water damage can be detected within 48 hours up through 7 days. Once it begins to develop your home will experience growth and spread of mold and mildew. The doors, windows, and wood flooring may swell and warp, and metal may begin to rust and corrode.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Even though Emergency Water Damage Restoration is not one of the most common home services, it one of the more expensive ones. Actual cost depends on the source and how it has affected the home. Water cleanup ranges from $3.75 to $7.00 per square foot. Repairs range from $450 to $7,000, depending on the type of damage, while the national average is close to $3,000.

Carpet Water Damage

Because carpet water damage affects both your physical property and your physical health it is important to call a carpet water damage contractor. Also, wet carpeting is infamous for exposing dander, allergens, mold and mildew spores to the air. For some individuals, mold exposure can cause serious health issues, especially for those with suppressed immune systems.

Basement Flood Damage Restoration Company

As you may know flooding is a major cause of water damage. In fact, it is considered as a major event for homeowners. Flood waters can be either gray or black originating from inside places such as toilets, sinks, or dishwashers. Water from storms, local flooding, rain water and leaky roofs, burst water pipes, faulty water heater, overflowing toilet, water used to combat fires, are other reasons to call a basement flood damage restoration company. If left unchecked, water will destroy all your belongings and property.

Emergency Disaster Restoration Help Is Near you In Affton MO

As a home owner, some of the scariest times can be when disaster strikes. Additionally if your property is affected by an tornado, storm, hail, ice storm, hurricanes, earthquakes or high winds then you may need to reach out to your local emergency disaster restoration contractor.

Emergency Disaster Restoration near me in Affton, MO

Tornado Damage Restoration

Of course one of the most dangerous types of storms is a tornado. In fact our tornado damage restoration contractors are ready to help homes and businesses affected by these storms with our tornado and hurricane damage repair services.

For the most part we can handle repairing serious structural damage caused by a tornado or deal with major indoor flooding from a hurricane. Furthermore if your property is damaged by one of these storms, you must call us immediately to limit the spread of the damage.

Storm Damage Restoration Company

In short water damage from storms can devastate your home in a very short time. Ordinarily heavy rain, flooding, strong winds and fallen trees from hurricanes and storms can all result in serious damage and loss of property and possessions.

After all the storm may have passed, dealing with the aftermath is one of the most difficult challenges a homeowner can face. As a storm damage restoration company our job is make sure that you don’t have to face this alone.

Hail Damage Restoration

Fortunately hail doesn’t occur frequently, but when it does the damage can be detrimental to your residential or commercial property. Regardless, our hail and storm damage repair team is happy to help get your home or business back to normal.

Ice Storm Damage Restoration

Overall our emergency disaster restoration contractors are no stranger to severe weather as thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards. Thunderstorms can cause water damage or flooding, ice and snow storms can cause structural damage by putting extra weight on a home or building, and strong winds from all of these storms can cause additional damage to the outside of the building.

Wind Damage Restoration

Almost every major storm is accompanied by strong winds and it is usually the wind that is a threat to cause the most damage. It is possible for the wind to tear apart siding, shingles, windows, and gutters and it can also blow large objects such as tree branches and utility poles onto nearby buildings and cars which causes more extreme damage. In any even our wind damage restoration contractor would love to help you through these tough times.

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Kitchen Before and After Water Damage Restoration near me in Affton, MO
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What services does St Louis Emergency Water Damage Cleanup in Affton MO provide?

St Louis Emergency Water Damage Cleanup in Affton MO provides restoration services 7 days a week for water damage cleanup, fire repair, flood restoration, and emergency restoration services. All restoration services can be for residential, commercial, or industrial properties. We provide emergency water damage service 24 hours/day including repair, removal, cleanup, extraction, dehumidification, remediation, or restoration for mold, water, fire, flood, smoke, storm, or any type of damage in carpet, furniture, appliances, basement, ceiling, wall, indoor, outdoor, crawl, attic and more for any type of property.

What are St Louis Emergency Water Damage Cleanup in Affton MO and are they open on Saturdays and Sundays?

St Louis Emergency Water Damage Cleanup provides services in Affton 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Give us a call at (314) 236-0391 to find more info about our restoration services.

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